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What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are a new and exciting way to attract and engage your audience, and they're the perfect way to attract new members. Virtual events are like conferences, but they're held online, and they require no travel or hotel fees. There's no need to plan, no need to meet, and no need to rent a banquet room. It's hosted and moderated online, and the audience can interact with the speakers and each other virtually. 

Types of Virtual Events

Live Conference


Internal Hybrid Events

External Hybrid Events

Online Event Provider

Virtual eXpo is the Philippine’s premier  event provider

Virtual eXpo is the Philippine’s premier conference event provider, offering virtual event management services, event marketing and event hosting for your online event.

With virtual events, you don’t have to worry about the cost, the time and travel required to attend the event, or the hassle of getting to the event and back.

Virtual events benefit everyone, whether they attend in-person events, live with an event organizer, or simply want to stay in touch with friends and family with a virtual event. And virtual events can help you save money and learn new skills, while growing your network and helping you meet new friends

We host events for small business, non-profit and corporations. We help you provide a personalized experience to your customers and audience.

Why Host a Virtual Event?

Stay safe and secure at home

Reach a wider Audience


Budget Costs

Safety and Security

Travel Restrictions

Control the Experience

FUN Virtual Events 

Virtual events don't need to be boring! Liven it up with games, live quizzes, polls and raffles! 

Deliver memorable events and experiences that audiences love. Plan and map out the most epic conference for your brand!

Elements of a Successful Virtual Event

Event website - Microsite
Event registration and Email Marketing
Live presentation content - Hybrid
Live, one-way audio/video - Controlled Enviroment
Question and answer - Audience Engagement

Live polling - Get the Pulse
Note taking/favorite slides 
Recorded content and Summary Videos
Interactive video conferencing - Make it Fun
Feedback surveys - Room For Improvement

Virtual  Event Ideas

Virtual World

When it comes to putting together a successful event, there are many factors that can impact the success of your event. Despite what you might have heard, there is no one size fits all solution to successfully pulling off a virtual event.

Why Virtual Events?

From weddings and conferences to conferences and product launches, we can create a virtual event that fits your needs and style. We understand that many of you want more than just a flyer and a Facebook page. You want to engage your guests and keep your reputation intact. That’s why we’ve made sure that every event we host is fully secure and has an online presence. With our virtual event platform you can customize every part of the event and we’ll make sure it's all polished and ready for you and your guests. 

We are your Virtual Event Managers

Customize your event the way you want it

Customize the look and feel of your event to reflect your brand

Customize the in-event program to deliver personalized engagement

Customize your booth and lounge areas for a better feel.

Plan your Interactive Virtual Expo 

Customized Event Planning and Hosting


Let's plan your Virtual Event.

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Online Virtual Events! 

We got your back covered offline and online, Live stream or recorded! 

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